Davis Ring Code

DRC is a two-dimensional axisymmetric resistive magnetohydrodynamics code written by the late James L. Eddleman at Lawrence Livermore National Lab with subsequent work by Robert D. Horton at UC Davis. It simulates all three spatial components (r, z, and azimuthal) of the magnetic field and fluid velocity vectors, treating the plasma as a single fluid with two temperatures (electron and ion). In addition, it can optionally include a self-consistent external circuit to model capacitor bank energy sources with nonlinear circuit elements. DRC has been utilized in numerical studies of various devices including the plasma focus, coaxial plasma guns, magnetically accelerated compact toroids, supersonic magnetic nozzle flow, and Z-pinches. DRC is presently being extended to model axially asymmetric plasmas in the presence of axially symmetric walls.


The above example animated run has a plasma mass density computed by DRC code for focusing electrode geometry. 40,000 computational steps; total time 18.3 microsec. Acceleration voltage 5000 volts. Terminal CT velocity 25 cm/microsec.

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