High-speed Imacon Framing Camera System

  • Views CT coming toward first mirror
  • Telephoto Lens
  • Adjustable Framing Rate Ranges from 2.5 x10^4 frames/sec to 2 x10^7 frames/sec
  • We use framing rate of 2 x10^5 fr./sec, 2 usecs between frames, 0.8 usecs exposure time
  • Photometrics digital CCD camera views output window of Imacon Tube
  • Images acquired by GPIB enabled Mac











Typical CTIX Shot

This movie has been compiled from 12 frames taken over the first 24us of the CTIX shot by our high-speed framing camera. The image is made of the visible light emission from the SCT plasma and trailing impurities as it moves toward the camera. The dark circular region in the center of the frame is the end of the center electrode. The image is false colored with yellow corresponding to the brightest regions.



Click on the icon to download a video clip.


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